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Chef Kelvin Cheung

Chef & Partner

Born in Canada, raised in Chicago, and based in Dubai, Kelvin Cheung is a Chinese-Canadian who grew up in the kitchen. This third-generation chef spent the better part of his childhood training for his life of traveling the world and cooking in kitchens in unfamiliar places. 

Cheung’s culinary style draws inspiration from his Chinese heritage, his North American upbringing, and French training, coupled with the freshest ingredients from local farms. His culinary abilities are limitless as he bases his menu on his own personal adventures, which always result in unique and captivating dishes. His larger-than-life personality shines brightly across the industry, as does his down-to-earth approach and exceptional interpersonal skills. 

In 2021, the award-winning chef moved to Dubai with Three Layer Hospitality as Chef & Partner of Jun’s on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, the modern dining experience with fun, inventive borderless cooking where chef Kelvin is one of the region's pioneers and proponents of Third Culture Food. In 2023, the team opened Little Jun's in Time Out Market Dubai with a unique menu created just for the the market. This is just the beginning of an aggressive expansion plan in the region.

Chef Kelvin has had the opportunity to cook for all-star NBA players at the Make-A-Wish Foundation charity gala, alongside cooking for Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Kelvin also took part in a sustainability initiative at Soneva Maldives Resort recently to raise awareness of regenerative efforts within the industry, aligning with his personal views on sustainability. These charitable and positive initiatives impact both Kelvin’s and Jun’s already-credible reputations within the industry. 

A dedicated family man and wellness advocated, when he is not in the kitchen, Kelvin spends time his time with his son, Bodhi, working out at the local Crossfit Box, and attempting to cultivate a mediation practice. Chef Kelvin Cheung approaches his professional and culinary life with humor and burning passion.

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Neha Anand

Founder & MD, Three Layer Hospitality

As a practitioner of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism for the past 14 years, Neha Anand believes all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. It’s one of the reasons Ms. Anand has been able to play such an impactful role while in her positions as Founder & Managing Director of Three Layer Hospitality and Director of King’s Group Ventures.  

Anand is a food enthusiast who has spent her professional career finding, funding, and founding food businesses all over the world. She believes in empowering her teams and is dedicated to supporting opportunities for women to excel especially in the male dominated industry of Food and Beverage that Neha spearheads globally as she drives multiple homegrown food and beverage brands across India and Dubai.  

Anand’s story is truly remarkable as she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey after her children had grown up. She views motherhood as invaluable work experience that helped hone her skillset before succeeding in the competitive, hospitality landscape. She is extremely passionate about championing diversity within the sector as she has established an annual Women’s Day Lunch at Jun’s and co-hosted the first Bold by Veuve Clicquot in Dubai, a program promoting inclusivity and visibility for women in leadership. A bold innovator, Neha’s passion and energetic spirit is well respected within the industry as she constantly works to push boundaries and create new, interesting F&B businesses.

Under Neha Anand, Three Layer Hospitality has already established itself as a leader in the F&B market and aims to increase its international footprint through diversified partnerships, acquisitions, and strategic alliances.

Neha is passionate about two things in life. Her family and food. Both of which she invests in with intention and everlasting energy. Her love for food can be followed through her lens that she so beautifully captures and shares through her Instagram handle @nehaanand